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Why This Will Transform Your Business

Does your business have a slow season?  Do you wish your revenue was more consistent? Do you work all summer only to spend your profits in the slow winter months?  Is it difficult transitioning to different services for different seasons? 

WE CAN FIX THAT!  We faced the same challenges in our service business.  It was always 2 steps forward, 1 step back.  Not any more.  Winter is our most profitable time of year and we want to show you how it can be yours.  We have done it!  It isn’t difficult and you can do it too!   

Thousands of Dollars Worth of Training

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What's Included in Our Service

Wholesale Pricing

We have pre-negotiated pricing with wholesale suppliers ensuring you get great prices on all the best Christmas light materials.

Marketing Materials

Use our marketing photos for your website and social media platforms. Get suggestions on how to market your Christmas light service in your area.

Form Downloads

We have done the work for you! Add your logo to our ready made forms to get organized and your teams running efficiently.

Private Facebook Group

Have a question? Check out our Facebook Group page to ask questions and collaborate with other business owners.

Estimating Template

Put our years of experience to work on your very first bid. Our unique estimating formula makes sales easy.

Crew Training Videos

Have employees that are new to installing Christmas lights? Our training videos will get them up to speed in no time.

Office Training

The Christmas light season is short and fast paced. We will show you how to keep your office running smoothly.

Management Training

We go over everything you need to know to run a PROFITABLE Christmas light business.